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Important information
  • Gender
  • Orientation
  • Age
  • Height
    5'8'' - 6' (1.7 - 1.8m)
  • Weight
    122-132 lbs (56-60 kg)
  • Eyes
  • Ass Size
  • Heir
  • Body
    Twinks // Skinny
  • Description
    Hello babies, I am a young Latino baby, that will make you feel very good, you can be sure that I will always listen to you in everything, I wait for you so that we can have fun together,I am waiting for a person who dominates me at will and makes me 100% his
  • What turns me on
    I hope to be able to study in the future the university of my dreams, which is Veterinary Medicine, and the reason is because I love helping animals, I think they are the purest beings in the world.
  • About me
    Hi my loves, nice to meet you, I`m Jacky. I hope and we can get along very well, I love to make people feel good, I will always listen to you no matter what, I promise to deliver my honesty 100%
  • What turns me off
    Sometimes myself, my lack of confidence sometimes doesn`t let me get where I want to go, but it`s something I`m struggling with to get there
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